Sassy Eco Bags

​​Saving Earth one coffee bag at a time

​Handbags are priced beginning at $30.00 each.  These bags measure 9 1/2" x 9" x 3" but can be designed to a larger size for an additional charge. 


​Sassy Eco Bags are designed using coffee bags and other discarded materials.  These materials are transformed into functional and stylish pouches, bags and totes but, most importantly, they help Earth.  The fewer items we send to landfills, the better we care for our planet.  As you browse these products, I hope you will find accessories to add to your sense of style as well as your awareness of how we can help our planet.    

Large Carry-All's measure 16" tall x 17" across x 6" wide.  A Large Carry-All is priced starting at $60.00, which includes 10 sewn on graphics.   After that, each additional applied graphic is $2.00 each. 


Pouches, Handbags, Totes and Carry-All's are available.  Sizes and prices vary.

Pouches run from $5.00 to $12.00 and are between 3" square to 10" across and 5" deep. All pouches close with industrial Velcro closures.  Pouches can be personalized with a sticker or graphic of your choosing for an additional charge.